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  • Dedicated Indoor Training Facilities

  • Exceeding Local and International Standards

  • Global Certifications Delivery

Since its inception in 2005, TRAKS PRO has focused on pairing high quality equipment with world class training, both being absent at the time. Given the dynamism of the region we’re based in, the ability to leapfrog and continuously improve is something that is part of the TRAKS PRO corporate culture. We believe strong corporate governance is a key aspect of delivering authoritatize courses. You can find more about it here. 

At TRAKS PRO, we deliver authoritative instruction and certification for work and rescue, to all sectors ranging from rope access to work at height, from rock climbing to mountain rescue and from confined space to Swiftwater rescue. Our internal resources coupled with our network means that we can assist your company to grow safer and stronger.

Our trained professional instructors are authorized to deliver IRATA, OSHA and PETZL training curriculum. In addition to standard courses we also offer bespoke training designed specifically around your needs. You can visit us at one of our permanent training centers in the UAE and expect more to come soon. 

As one of the founding members of the International Public Safety Qualification Authority (IPSQA), TRAKS PRO aims to promote best practices and high standards in the field of technical rescue. IPSQA is a novel content certifying benchmark quickly growing as it improves the global portability and recognition of professional rescue qualifications. 

TRAKS SAFETY TRAINING as the training arm of TRAKS PRO is licensed and registered in all locations where it operates.

Dubai (UAE)
Damam (KSA)

Kochin (INDIA) 

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TRAKS FZE - Unique IRATA Logo (JPEG).jpg
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